About Us

TEXAS POLOFounded in 1975, Texas Polo Inc. has a history of delivering polo equipment of uncompromising quality to its customers worldwide. As a retailer and manufacturer of outstanding polo equipment, apparel, accessories, leather goods and gifts, Texas Polo Inc. has taken the initiative to launch texaspolo.com . . . a continuing one-stop online shopping experience for all polo enthusiasts.

From Humble Beginnings
Texas Polo About UsLocated in the Brewery building in the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas Polo Inc. was conceived in Brownwood, Texas where Vincent Meyer perfected the plastic polo ball. Using technology he developed to make the first rustproof fertilizer spreader, Meyer duplicated the sound, feel and touch of a good willow wood polo ball with exact tolerances and precision. Today the Texas Polo® ball is sold to polo clubs around the world.

Not long after his introduction of the Texas Polo® plastic polo ball, Meyer came upon a friend who had a woolen mill and excess manufacturing capacity. Believing in a proven principal that goes back several hundred years and adopted by the US Cavalry, American Indians and the Spanish Conquistadors, Meyer convinced his friend to reproduce an old double woven, 100% wool saddle blanket. Texas Polo® saddle blankets, monogrammed in their owner’s team colors became an overnight success and have covered the backs of winning polo ponies ever since.

Meeting Challenges With High Technology
When Meyer’s old Sandown leg wraps wore out, he met the challenge and hired a textile engineer from North Carolina to design the world’s only knitting machine for manufacturing polo wraps in a combination of cotton and wool – natural, breathable fibers that provide the best balance between support and protection for the horse. In six color choices, innovative leg wraps advanced Texas Polo’s non-compromising manufacturing capabilities.

Polo jerseys came next. "When I saw Steve Gose make a year-round commitment to support a high-goal team of Joe Barry, Corky Linfoot and Memo Gracida (players with the finest of polo ponies, tack, strategy, resources, and the full use of Retama Polo Club in Texas), go onto the field in tee shirts, I was surprised," recollects Meyer. "It wasn’t long before we convinced the players that our jerseys would match their ponies in turn-out". Texas Polo jerseys can be seen on the backs of players in America, England, Argentina, Australia, Pakistan, Europe, and places in between.

The Texas Polo® Saddle Wins Hands Down
The Texas Polo® saddle is Meyer’s second greatest achievement. In 1982, Julian Hipwood introduced Meyer around England and with help from Roy Barry and an award winning master saddler, Texas Polo Inc. introduced the finest polo saddle in the world. Superbly hand crafted in England with a hand-forged pommel, stalwart cantel and safety wrapover hanger bar, it is shaped with a narrower twist making it easier to grip the horse. Constructed of premium London tan leather or Havana brown suede, the Texas Polo® saddle is in a class all of its own. It is the only polo saddle to receive First Prize from the Society of Master Saddlers of the City of London. (Click on the underlined text to view image).

Commitment To Excellence
Texas Polo Inc.’s commitment to provide innovative and superior polo equipment to meet the challenges of players from around the world is stronger today than ever. Polo equipment branded with the Texas Polo trademark has adorned such high-goal players, celebrities, and their polo ponies including Owen Rhinehart, Roy Barry, Jeff Hall, Adam Snow, Corky Linfoot, Charlie Bostwick, Sugar Erskine, Joey Casey, Kris Kampsen, Joe Henderson, Benjamin Araya, Roberto Gonzalez, Steve Dalton, Peter Baldwin, J.J. Celis, Stuart McKinzie, Oliver Ellis, Gonzalo Pieres, Jeff Blake, Jullio Arellano, Julian Hipwood, HRH The Prince of Wales, (Click on the underlined text to view image), Julio Zavleto, Hector Gallindo, Eduardo Heguy, Mike Azzaro, Red Armour, Kerry Packer, Juan Carlos Herriot, Robert Evans, Memo and Carlos Gracida, Ruben Gracida,Tommy Lee Jones, William Devane, Stephanie Powers, and Sam Sheperd among others, for over 25 years.